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OBLIVION screenwriter Karl Gajdusek on working with Tom Cruise

Hanging out with Tom Cruise at his house seems like it would be the highlight of anyone’s screenwriting career. Writer Karl Gajdusek had the chance to do just that when he worked on a rewrite of Oblivion, the new sci-fi action movie coming out April 19. “He’s a very good collaborator,” said Gajdusek of the experience … Continue reading

Screenwriter Mitch Kapner on OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

Writing the origin story to The Wizard of Oz was a longtime passion for screenwriter Mitch Kapner. Too bad everyone in Hollywood told him he was crazy as soon as he mentioned the idea. “It’s an idea I had and would talk about years and years and years ago,” said Kapner. Studio executives would often ask in … Continue reading

Screenwriter Chris Butler on writing the kids zombie flick ParaNorman

Screenwriter Chris Butler got his start in Hollywood by drawing storyboards. Wait a second that means no dialog, right? How does a storyboard artist get good at writing if he never has to spew out dialog? He concentrates on character and not all the chatter, says Butler about the process. Although, the writer/director for the … Continue reading

Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man Screenwriter, James Vanderbilt

“I look back on the first six or seven things I wrote, and they’re terrible,” says screenwriter James Vanderbilt, who just finished writing The Amazing Spider-Man, twice. Well, almost twice. Let’s give you some backstory. If you’ve been following film development news at all in the last few years, you’d know the words “Spider-Man script” are a … Continue reading

Spec Script Snow White and the Huntsman Sells for Mega Bucks

When little known screenwriter Evan Daugherty came up with the idea to tell the story of Snow White from the Huntsman’s point of view, he had no idea that a few years later he’d be sitting at Roth Films in Santa Monica on the other end of a deal worth $3.2 million. The story of how Daugherty got his spec script into … Continue reading

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