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F. Scott Frazier on his dark thriller THE NUMBERS STATION

First time screenwriter F. Scott Frazier wanted to write a contained thriller he could go out and make on his own. He never dreamt his script would become a big Hollywood movie staring John Cusack and Malin Akerman. But the story was so compelling that when his spec script went out to the market, it … Continue reading

First time screenwriter pens Argo for Ben Affleck and his floppy hairdo!

Screenwriter Chris Terrio got lucky, he says. That’s the only way he can explain how a first time writer like himself got the opportunity of a lifetime – to write a move directed by Ben Affleck. The new political thriller, Argo, received a standing ovation at Toronto Film Festival and is fast becoming the most … Continue reading

Writer/director Rian Johnson writes movie about killing younger self in Looper

“I wrote a three page script, the very basic premise of the script,” writer/director Rian Johnson says of the first time he came up with the idea to write the new action, sci-fi movie Looper. This film started as a short that was never produced and now stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Dreams can happen … Continue reading

Screenwriter Dan Gilroy reinvents The Bourne Legacy with his bro Tony

“There’s a lot of movie talk,” screenwriter Dan Gilroy says of his film family. Gilroy’s not only the writer on The Bourne Legacy that he co-wrote with his brother, Tony Gilroy – who also wrote the first three films in the series and directed this one — but he’s the husband of actress Rene Russo and son … Continue reading

Screenwriter Jane Goldman chats “The Woman In Black”

Sceenwriter Jane Goldman, of this weekend’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK, gave us the scoop on her writing process and what it’s like to adapt a famous novella/stage play into a movie with Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Itsonthegrid.com: Click here to listen

Screenwriter Shawn Christensen writes Abduction in 60 days…

When the idea of a high school kid who finds his photo on a missing persons site was given to screenwriter Shawn Christensen, he couldn’t get it out of his mind. He was pitched the one-line story nugget while at a meeting at Gotham Group for another job. The screenwriter was given the chance to write … Continue reading

Screenwriter Hossein Amini likes the silences in Drive

When asked to adapt a script about a man with no name, no backstory, and barely any dialogue, screenwriter Hossein Amini knew he hit the jackpot. “I love silences,” Amini says of Drive, the film he adapted from a book by James Sallis. The story is about a stunt driver by day who runs a getaway car service … Continue reading

Screenwriter George Nolfi writes and directs THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, and he’s adorable too

After seven years of “scratching,” as screenwriterGeorge Nolfi puts it, he finally unearthed the key to his new action-thriller, The Adjustment Bureau. Now, it’s up to audiences to do the same. The film is about a politician who falls hopelessly in love with a ballerina until the agents of fate decide to get in the way. Nolfi is … Continue reading

Screenwriting legend Leslie Dixon loved working with Bradley Cooper in LIMITLESS, and who wouldn’t…?

“Does the reader want to turn to the next page?” This is the question screenwriter Leslie Dixon asks herself when she sits down to write a script. If you can do that, she says, you’ll be a success. And, Dixon has had more than her fair share of success. She’s written some of the most memorable, heart-warming … Continue reading

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