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Inspiration for BLACK SWAN came from Roman Polanski’s Repulsion

“Somebody I was living with had a psychotic breakdown,” says Black Swan co-writer Andres Heinz. He recalls it as a “horrifying experience,” one that he had to get down on paper. The result inspired Black Swan, the story of one ballerina’s perseverance to succeed  – no matter what it takes. Script sat down with the writer to learn how it took him … Continue reading

Funny man Danny McBride talks smart guy screenwriting in YOUR HIGHNESS

“It was really a joke,” says screenwriter Danny McBride of how he and director David Gordon Green came up with the idea for their new movie, Your Highness. McBride co-wrote the script with his writing partner Ben Best. He also stars in the film along side a couple of Oscar-nominated actors like James Franco and Natalie Portman. Not too shabby. So, how does … Continue reading

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