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Screenwriter Craig Mazin on going sober with a finale of HANGOVER PART III

How do you wake up with a hangover and decide this will be your last one? That’s the question screenwriter Craig Mazin faced when sitting down with director Todd Phillips to write the last and final edition of drunken comedy series, The Hangover Part III. “We wanted to end it, and we wanted it to feel … Continue reading

OBLIVION screenwriter Karl Gajdusek on working with Tom Cruise

Hanging out with Tom Cruise at his house seems like it would be the highlight of anyone’s screenwriting career. Writer Karl Gajdusek had the chance to do just that when he worked on a rewrite of Oblivion, the new sci-fi action movie coming out April 19. “He’s a very good collaborator,” said Gajdusek of the experience … Continue reading

How to write for Tina Fey from ADMISSION screenwriter Karen Croner

Karen Croner spent years writing dramas about characters with terminally ill diseases. Although she loved her work, after a while she started to yearn for something different. In a moment of epiphany she said one day, “I want to write a comedy for Tina Fey.” While it seemed like a long shot, with a few … Continue reading

Screenwriter Mitch Kapner on OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

Writing the origin story to The Wizard of Oz was a longtime passion for screenwriter Mitch Kapner. Too bad everyone in Hollywood told him he was crazy as soon as he mentioned the idea. “It’s an idea I had and would talk about years and years and years ago,” said Kapner. Studio executives would often ask in … Continue reading

Screenwriter Jody Lambert pens brother-sister love story (not that kind!) in People Like Us

“I don’t think we ever thought this movie was going to be made at a studio and at this level,” says screenwriter Jody Lambert from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills while conducting a one-on-one interview with ScreenwritingU about his new film People Like Us. And, why is that? Because this film was such a … Continue reading

Screenwriters Jack Amiel and Michael Begler on Big Miracle

Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, the writing team behind Big Miracle share their experiences on how they finally got their film made after 20 years. Itsonthegrid.com: Click here to listen  

Podcast: Grant Heslov on The Ides of March

Known for his strong political views, actor George Clooney had been looking for a political thriller to write with screenwriter Grant Heslov since their collaboration on Good Night, and Good Luck. When they stumbled upon a play of presidential ambition, Farragut North, by Beau Willimon, they knew they found their project. The play became the basis for the film, The Ides of … Continue reading

Screenwriter Hossein Amini likes the silences in Drive

When asked to adapt a script about a man with no name, no backstory, and barely any dialogue, screenwriter Hossein Amini knew he hit the jackpot. “I love silences,” Amini says of Drive, the film he adapted from a book by James Sallis. The story is about a stunt driver by day who runs a getaway car service … Continue reading

Don’t touch me — do you know where your hands have been?

Ever wonder, when you dip your fingers into a bowl of nuts at the bar or a mint tray at the hostess stand, how many other people have done the same (and where their fingers have been)? Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum) did. He was fascinated by the thought. So much so, he pitched his … Continue reading

Want to write like a pro? Listen to how Dan Fogelman cranked out CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE..

Adorable, charming, and an amazing writer, Dan Fogelman has it all. So, why does he need to write a film called Crazy, Stupid, Love if life is such a peach? Because he’s human. And, that  – why love is so crazy wonderful but so terribly stupid at the same time — is the focus of his new movie. The … Continue reading

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