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Ariel Vromen reveals the gory details of writing THE ICEMAN

Writer/director Ariel Vromen wanted to find a story he could “commit suicide on,” he said. When he found the biography of Richard Kuklinski, the most notorious hitman of all time, things got serious for the writer/director of dark dramas. He got a little more than he bargained for in discovering the life of the man … Continue reading

Writer/director Rian Johnson writes movie about killing younger self in Looper

“I wrote a three page script, the very basic premise of the script,” writer/director Rian Johnson says of the first time he came up with the idea to write the new action, sci-fi movie Looper. This film started as a short that was never produced and now stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Dreams can happen … Continue reading

Writer/director Leslye Headland on ladies using the F-word in her new indie comedy Bachelorette

If you hate the F-word, you don’t want to see Bachelorette. And you know what? The film’s writer and director doesn’t care. She wants to show you how women really talk when no one else is around. That’s the kind of artistic bravado that brought playwright Leslye Headland out of the theater and into Hollywood to … Continue reading

Does Being Black and Muslim in Post 9/11 America Make You Stronger?

What’s more difficult than growing up black in America? Being Muslim, too. Difficult is just one word to describe it. At least, that was, until 9/11, when the situation became unbearable. Writer-director Qasim Basir tells his story of being an African American Muslim in the years before and after this emotional time in his film Mooz-lum, … Continue reading

Screenwriter George Nolfi writes and directs THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, and he’s adorable too

After seven years of “scratching,” as screenwriterGeorge Nolfi puts it, he finally unearthed the key to his new action-thriller, The Adjustment Bureau. Now, it’s up to audiences to do the same. The film is about a politician who falls hopelessly in love with a ballerina until the agents of fate decide to get in the way. Nolfi is … Continue reading

First-time writer/director lands Will Ferrell in his indie comedy EVERYTHING MUST GO

Everything must go, except the A-list actor. This is how a first-time director makes his mark. At least, that’s howDan Rush, writer/director of the new indie comedy, Everything Must Go, starring Will Ferrell, made his. “Small scope, big actor,” says Rush, of the advice a trusted colleague gave him on how to make his debut as a … Continue reading

First-time writer/director lands Keira Knightley in LAST NIGHT

“You labor for three days to write a scene, and then you cut it in the edit.” That’s the paradox of being a writer/director, says Massy Tadjedin, who wrote and directed the romantic drama Last Night, starring Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes. The film is about a married couple who spends the night away from each other after an … Continue reading

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